Mental Illness is Not A Joke Period.

Mental Illness is not a joke period.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

Recently I noticed how a lot of people are using mental illness to be used as a laughing or joking matter. People also will say we need to “toughen up” not to take things so harshly, what’s wrong with a little humor? Would you make a joke about cancer to a cancer patient for a laugh? I think not, however it’s double standards for the mental illness community.

Everything is wrong with mental illness humor; no one should be laughing at the suffering of someone who is trying everything in their power to make it through the day without harming themselves. We are so fast to judge, to dim their light, drag them down to whatever ever level we feel is low enough to match how they feel all of their own.

When you pretend to fake shoot yourself when frustrated, you never know if one of the people around you have lost someone to suicide in that way or they easily could have had their moment holding a barrel under their chin themselves.

Silence, reticule, put downs, all lead to nothing being solved. Communication is the biggest part of the mental illness puzzle that saves lives. I feel growing up I was taught to always be polite, not to cause trouble, seen not heard. Over the years of dealing with the bullies, I was too afraid to stand up for myself because I figured what’s the point I am a “fatso dyke that would be better off dead” direct quote.

Now I know to speak up even if my voice is shaking, even if my legs are weak, I will never allow any human being to tear myself down, seeing how I do that to myself all on my own.

We need to find the positive light, the feel good jokes, you can be witty, funny, and be respectful all at the same time. Some day I’d love to be the very first self-help stand up comic, using humor in a spin to overcome the hurt. We all just need to learn to give ourselves a break, to know it’s ok to just breathe, and exist.

All I want is for people to be aware of their actions, and words. To bring back good knock knock jokes, to realize the power we have within ourselves to overcome any obstacle, and to no matter never stop giving life one more day.



Katy Coffin

About Katy Coffin

My name is Katy Coffin, and personally I’ve attempted suicide and now use my voice to stand up to the stigma. I grew up in Bangor, where I graduated from Bangor High School in 2010. My favorite things to do are volunteering, roller skating, and take my dog Eleanor Rigby for car rides. I love to make people laugh, standing up for the underdog, and chicken tenders. We all have bad days, but our life is worth pushing through the darkness to see a better day. By giving your life one more day, you allow yourself the chance to breathe, find your self-worth, and see another sunrise. My goal for the blog is to educate, enlighten, and engage the community about suicide prevention.